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Will run for food…

I often joke that I run so I can eat [fill in the blank here] (chocolate, cupcakes, cheeseburgers, pizza, whatever other goody I can think of). And while that’s not actually the reason I run, let’s just say I don’t mind the side benefit of getting to eat a bit more as a result* :).

* It should be noted, however, the contrary to popular belief, running a lot does NOT ensure weight loss. I’ve learned this the hard way, too.

Take today, for an example. This morning, I went on my weekly 6AM “buddy run” with my friends, a run that takes place every Thursday morning, all 52 weeks of the year. Because we’ve formed a family of sorts, we often celebrate life events for each other, and my friend Victoria is about to have a baby, so we decided to throw her a surprise baby shower after the run.

My friend Janine, expert baker that she is (and I should know, because she famously beat me in a Pumpkin Bread Smackdown nearly 3 years ago–the loss still stings), brought her famous pumpkin bread and lemon tea bread for us to all munch on as we celebrate Victoria’s little (soon-to-be-born) bundle of joy.

When people ask me why in the world I would willingly get up at 5 in the morning every Thursday to run, I point them to things such as this as an explanation :).

Pumpkin bread and lemon tea bread

Janine's famous, award-winning pumpkin bread, and her lemon tea bread. She'd give you the recipe for both, but she'd have to kill you afterwards.

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Silicon Valley marketer by day, novelist-in-training by night--running addict, foodie, bookworm, pop culture enthusiast, and aspiring philanthropist in between.

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