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You know you’re obsessed with food, when…

… you plan your future meals–while eating your current one.

… you speak with glee over those little details: the way a food smells, its texture, its appearance… AND the way it tastes, of course.

… every time you eat, you start asking yourself whether this would make a good blog post.

… you buy a light box.

Say what? A light box? That’s right, folks, I bought a light box (well, technically, it was a Christmas present, but same difference :)). What in the world is this, you may ask? This, apparently, is one of the secrets to good food photography. Shooting food in natural light is ideal, but since I work full-time, that pretty much rules out shooting anything in natural light outside of the weekend, so I will “fake” natural light as best I can with a light box.

That’s right, I’m so obsessed with food that I now must master the skill of food photography so I can have drool-worthy pictures on my blog. Mind you, this also means I need to take a crash course in composition, styling, etc., but we’ll get to those one at a time. The hope is that eventually, I’ll get to a point where my food photos are as stunning as the ones you’re used to seeing on other blogs. I’ve got a high bar to meet!

Oh, the things we do for food…

About writejenwrite

Silicon Valley marketer by day, novelist-in-training by night--running addict, foodie, bookworm, pop culture enthusiast, and aspiring philanthropist in between.

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