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Brought to you by the letters “T” and “J”

By now, I think it’s quite obvious what a big fan I am of Trader Joe’s (I think the multiple posts referencing it in some way might be a giveaway, no?). And one of the reasons I love it so is that every time I go there, there’s always a new goody for me to discover. Sometimes two or three, if I’m lucky :).

Yesterday was that kind of a day. I went in for a few things (my list consisted of four items: butternut squash, butter, heavy whipping cream, and chocolate chips). I came out with two bags’ worth of stuff.

From what I understand, this is a common occurrence, but I digress.

I just happened upon some new items that I hadn’t noticed before (they may have been there for ages, but they didn’t jump out at me until just yesterday), so of course I HAD to get them, and of course I HAD to share them with you.

New discoveries

New discoveries!


Cold-pressed Extra Virgin Spanish Olive Oil

I first tasted Spanish olive oil on a trip to Spain a few years ago (imagine that, of all places ;)). I immediately noticed the difference in flavor from its Italian cousin; it was more subtle, less peppery, even a little more buttery. I brought a bottle of it home with me on my trip, and when it ran out, I decided I had to get my fix somehow. Trader Joe’s stocked Spanish olive oil, but it wasn’t the cold-pressed kind, and I prefer cold-pressed, so I went back to regular olive oil–until yesterday, when I saw that they now carried organic, cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil from Spain! Score!

Grapeseed oil

I’ve read a lot over the years about the benefits of grapeseed oil and how it should be incorporated more into the diet. I never really found it all that easily, until yesterday, so when I saw it sitting on the shelf beside my newly discovered cold-pressed extra virgin Spanish olive oil, I knew I had to give it a try.

Tricolor quinoa

If you’ve never tried quinoa, I highly recommend doing so. It’s a great alternative to grains such as brown rice or couscous, and it’s fairly high in protein, so it’s especially great for vegetarians and vegans. I’ve been eating quinoa for years now, but I usually get either the yellow or the red variety, and yesterday,  I came across a tricolor quinoa package–all my favorite types of quinoa in one! Makes for a colorful and nutritious dish. I can’t wait to make my quinoa tabboleh with it :).

Hmm, now I wonder what awaits me on my next trip to Trader Joe’s…

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